Core B-Complex

Core B-Complex

Core D Liquid Vitamin D3

Core D Liquid Vitamin D3

CoreCardio Advanced

Just in time—ONE discovery is making maintaining beautiful blood pressure so easy—
even your cardiologist will be jealous.

A natural breakthrough that could...

  • Strip away all of the confusion, the frustration, and the silent stress behind maintaining healthy blood pressure...
  • Help provide “on the nose” results so potent, even your cardiologist will be jealous. And...
  • Leave you actually EAGER to read your blood pressure in the drug store just so you can say, “still looking good.”

And maintaining healthy blood pressure is only the very beginning of what the most COMPREHENSIVE cardio breakthrough Dr. Micozzi has ever seen can do.

CoreCardio Advanced...

Replenishes your body with a potent natural blood pressure breakthrough

RESTOCKS your body with the ultimate nutrients for heart health fuel, heart muscle support, and a perfectly flowing cardiovascular system...

RECHARGES your body with 4 secrets to proper homocysteine levels...

AND promotes proper inflammatory response throughout your entire cardiovascular system!

Put simply, this is...

The PEAK of what complete heart-health should look and FEEL like

And the best part is—it’s just all SO easy.

But before this very moment—finding all of this heart-health power in just one dose—was anything but easy...

Take a look for yourself.

Where else can you find 9 of the most powerful heart protectors all in one place?

With potent dosages...

In the most bioavailable forms for maximum effectiveness?

Up until now, this specialized formula was ONLY available to an exclusive group of scientifically-minded physicians.

But you don’t need a consultation to get this confidence—it’s all right here for you in just 3 capsules a day.

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 Cardiologists can’t ignore it and even America’s most renowned heart institution admits it’s true…
So when are YOU going to hear the great news?

Powerful, Potent, Natural
Blood Pressure Protection
is finally here!

Just in time—ONE discovery is making maintaining beautiful blood pressure
so easy—even your cardiologist will be jealous

Dear Reader,

75 million Americans—1 out of 3 adults—are facing a health crisis.

Despite the American Heart Association’s “heart-healthy” guidelines…
Despite 40-years of panicked government research…

Americans need help to maintain healthy blood pressure.
In fact, you could argue this crisis has only become worse. In those 40 years, the number of people struggling to maintain healthy blood pressure has doubled.

But what if…

The AHA is completely aware of a natural blood pressure secret that could literally…

Change the course of human health in the 21st century?

It’s true—they’ve even been caught talking about this secret nutrient.

In fact the research is so staggering, the AHA’s own medical journal quoted a researcher as saying…

Its widespread use could have major health benefits.”

The American College of Cardiology has over 20 articles regarding its power quietly archived on its website.

And even the government’s own National Institutes of Health has launched one of the most massive natural studies in history, recruiting over 25,000 Americans to discover just how far its potential goes.

This could be…
The blood pressure breakthrough
America desperately needs

Hello, my name is Samantha Kelly.

If you’re concerned about maintaining “perfect” blood pressure as you age, I can’t wait to share this discovery with you.

A natural breakthrough that could…

  • Strip away all of the confusion, the frustration, and the silent stress behind maintaining healthy blood pressure…
  • Help provide “on the nose” results so potent, even your cardiologist will be jealous. And…
  • Leave you actually EAGER to read your blood pressure in the drug store just so you can say, “still looking good.”

And no one is more excited about this new research than one of the preeminent heart-health voices in America today.

With his experience at the National Institutes of Health…
His hands-on work at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center…
The library of books, articles, and scientific studies he’s authored…

Marc S. Micozzi, M.D., Ph.D. has been telling his over 50,000 daily readers followers, this is the single MOST important thing you can do for your health.

And the research you’re about to see only proves—

He couldn’t be MORE right.

And rather than holding your breath for clueless cardiologists to finally recommend this INCREDIBLY EASY solution to maintaining healthy blood pressure…

Dr. Micozzi wants to put this vital blood pressure secret into your hands today.

Because he knows blood pressure is the gateway to good heart health.

And long before the breakthrough research was ever published, he saw…

The 3 CURIOUS CLUES a blood pressure breakthrough was in our midst

As a medical anthropologist, an epidemiologist, and a physician specializing in natural medicine…

Dr. Micozzi was one of the first to see the blood pressure breakthrough clues the AHA and the NIH completely missed.

Clue #1: Certain cultures can easily maintain healthy blood pressure, but why?. In America, it’s common for blood pressure to rise with age. But that’s not true for The Xingu Indians of Brazil…the tribes of Rural Kenya…the fishermen of Southeast Asia…the natives of Papua, New Guinea… These traditional cultures completely buck the trends of the modern western world.

What are they getting that we aren’t? Dr. Micozzi’s search revealed a startling fact…

Clue #2: The farther you head north or south from the equator—the more likely you are to be missing out on the blood pressure secret. In fact, epidemiological studies report heart health can decrease the farther you are from the equator. And you can see how this deficiency directly affects blood pressure because…

Clue #3: African Americans are historically deficient in this ONE vitamin and have a harder time maintaining healthy blood pressure.

In fact, a 2013 experiment looked at the effects of taking this one blood pressure secret on blood pressure levels in African Americans.

The results were amazing to say the least.

Every time they increased the dosage and the amount in the body—systolic blood pressure improved accordingly!

People who are stocked up on it can support fantastic blood pressure…
More heart concerns pop up when you don’t have enough…
AND science has proven there’s something we can do about it!

And you haven’t even seen the
BEST of its potential yet

All over the world—this natural blood pressure breakthrough is dropping jaws…

In Denmark—a 20-week study gave people 3,000 IU of the blood pressure breakthrough, or a placebo pill. The researchers measured different types of blood pressure and found the people taking this one simple nutrient, maintained a healthy blood pressure more than the people getting a placebo.

In Italy—A small group of people experiencing unwanted blood pressure levels were given a mega-dose of 25,000 IU of this single secret for 8 weeks. Researchers found while the levels of this nutrient rose in the body…healthy blood pressure was maintained.

In Paris—Researchers presented the world’s largest review to date examining the link between this natural secret and blood pressure using 35 separate studies, featuring 155,000 people. The results only confirmed…

The MORE you have—the BETTER
it is for your blood pressure!

So what IS this secret that’s been the focus of Dr. Micozzi’s research for the past 40 years?

The simple, but incredibly sophisticated vitamin D.

This vitamin not only helps support muscle strength, balance, bone health, blood sugar health and more…

But it could also be the world’s most potent blood pressure protector.

And if you think you already have enough—be careful.

According to surveys, 75% of Americans are possibly deficient in this vital vitamin.

Could that explain why 75 million Americans are struggling with blood pressure health right now?

But how could something so simple have such a big impact on your health?

Researchers are still theorizing, but some are pointing to vitamin D’s unique connection to an enzyme called renin.

Renin’s primary function is to help regulate blood pressure throughout the body and vitamin D is vital in its synthesis.

In fact, because the body can naturally produce active vitamin D through exposure to UV rays, scientists performed a human study to show this connection.

Patients were exposed to UVB rays which activates Vitamin D by entering a tanning bed 3 times per week, for 3 months.

This led to a 180% increase in vitamin D levels…and a consistent reduction in blood pressure levels!

Do you have to buy a $5,000 tanning bed?
No. Dr. Micozzi makes it SO much easier

Not only is Dr. Micozzi giving you an easy option to help restore this natural blood pressure breakthrough in your body…

But he’s giving you the very best form of vitamin D you can find…

The most bioavailable form, vitamin D3.

It cannot be understated, your heart health begins with Vitamin D.

That’s why it’s the foundation of an incredible heart health solution you’re about to discover.

But healthy blood pressure is only one of the ways vitamin D protects your heart—

It EVEN helps with one of the most vital areas for HEART HEALTH SUCCESS. It’s one word your doctor might know about, but…

Even if your doctor mentions Inflammation”—
what does he DO about it?

Inflammation can affect blood vessels and capillaries in your body.
It can lead to painful, stiff joints.
It can play a role in your immune system and much, much more. 

While some inflammation is good, it can get a little high if you’re not careful. Not to mention, inflammation can naturally increase as you age.

That’s why Dr. Micozzi believes maintaining a proper inflammatory response is essential for confident heart health.

And vitamin D does DOUBLE DUTY in protecting blood pressure levels and a balanced inflammatory response. 

A study recently published on Medscape shows…

When 957 healthy, older adults were examined to find a link between vitamin D deficiency and imbalanced inflammatory response…

The connection was impossible to misinterpret.

People with low levels of vitamin D had MUCH higher levels of inflammation. The trouble is, these people were considered “healthy” and possibly had no idea this hidden fire was raging in their arteries.

And doctors are taking notice, too. One of Tufts University School of Medicine’s top doctors, Dr. Clifford J. Rosen, stated that “something as simple as vitamin D” could be the key to reducing inflammation.

That’s just what Dr. Micozzi is doing. He’s taken this research, taken the blood pressure protection and the proper, balanced inflammatory support of vitamin D…

And found the perfect natural cardiovascular formula.

By surrounding it with even more healthy blood pressure supporters AND…

Adding breakthroughs to support every last vital component for a healthy heart.

The all-encompassing power and protection of what he is delivering is nearly impossible to find elsewhere.

And believe me, we tried.

Dr. Micozzi is passionate about protecting the heart health of his readers. He wants to take the big worry out of their lives—and it CAN be done.

But he was shocked by the puny, useless options for natural heart health protection available today.

That’s when Dr. Micozzi knew it was time to roll up his sleeves and bring you the end-all, be-all of natural heart supporters.
And in his latest breakthrough find, CoreCardio Advanced, he’s exceeded even his own expectations of what healthy heart support can achieve!

CoreCardio Advanced is the ONLY
heart supporter you will EVER need

Just imagine that—ONE step for every aspect of your heart health.

CoreCardio Advanced starts by bringing you 1,000 IU of the natural blood pressure breakthrough, vitamin D. This helps ensure you’re never one of the 75% of Americans living with a dangerous deficiency.

But Dr. Micozzi believes maintaining healthy blood pressure is the life-blood to good health, pumping oxygen and nutrient-rich blood throughout your entire body.

So CoreCardio Advanced provides you with MORE natural blood pressure protection

Continuing with…

The substances your heart is CRAVING—

While many of the most widely-used health “solutions” today claim to lower certain risks, they can also lower the very nutrients your heart needs to keep beating every day.

These are the vital nutrients helping your cardiovascular system…

∙ Maintain healthy blood pressure
∙ Support the muscle tissue of your heart
∙ Promote proper smooth muscle function in the blood vessels…

All of which can lead to healthy blood pressure support.

And many Americans simply aren’t getting enough.

This deficit can literally leave you with…

A “starving heart”

So CoreCardio Advanced helps protect your entire cardiovascular system by keeping the most vital nutrients to your heart health completely stocked.

Dr. Micozzi has singled out the essential heart nutrients you must replenish immediately, starting with…

The HEART FUEL behind every beat

Your heart pumps an average of 65 million gallons of blood in your lifetime, which is why you can’t fall short on the vital HEART MUSCLE FUEL, Coenzyme Q10.  

According to research performed at the Mayo Clinic, a deficiency in Coenzyme Q10 can relate to a spectrum of heart health concerns.

Not only can you naturally run out of this heart fuel as you age…

But some of today’s leading cardiovascular prescriptions actively deplete your body of Coenzyme Q10!

Which can mean less energy for your hardest working muscle.

But Coenzyme Q10…

  • Helps to keep your heart secure, STRONG, and charged up…
  • Several clinical studies suggest it can help maintain healthy blood pressure.


  • Getting MORE of it helps fight free radicals for healthy aging

And every single dose of CoreCardio Advanced infuses your heart, blood vessels, and entire cardiovascular system with 200 mg of coenzyme Q10.

But this isn’t the only heart-health secret your body is craving...

Some deficiencies are far harder to see, but…

But with every twitch of your eye…
With every spasm of your muscle…
Your body could be signaling
a critical “invisible deficiency”

With your healthy blood pressure supported and your body stocked with the heart-health energy it needs—CoreCardio Advanced is already on its way to giving the cardiovascular system you can have COMPLETE confidence in.

But there is a mineral so vital to your heart—it is literally the trigger for every muscle movement in your body.

And estimates show over 50 percent of Americans are deficient…and may never even know it.

Just think, a mineral that helps support…

  • Muscle and nerve function, including the action taken with every beat of your heart
  • The creation of ATP (cellular) energy within your body and…
  • The relaxation of blood vessels throughout your cardiovascular system

Could be missing from your heart health…RIGHT NOW.  

It’s essential for proper energy and blood pressure function…


The primary sources of magnesium in the diet can be difficult for many to stomach…

Dark leafy-greens…
Earthy root vegetables…
Or if you really want to get your fill…seaweed.

But CoreCardio Advanced gives you 150 mg of magnesium citrate—one of the most readily absorbed forms of magnesium available.

This is just another way Dr. Micozzi has created the most potent, comprehensive heart formula available today.

But there’s so much more…

Dr. Micozzi wanted to add even more blood pressure support with a vitamin so far off the radar of today’s cardiologists, he refers to it as…

“The Unheralded vitamin”—
protecting your heart in a surprising way

A key to keeping arteries soft and pliable is controlling calcification within your cardiovascular system as you age.

It hardens, it cracks, it puts added pressure on your circulation.

But there is help—from a source that never gets the attention it deserves…

Over the past decade, many studies have been done on vitamin K2 for bone health and cardiovascular health.

Why K2?

 It’s more potent and bioavailable than K1, so it stays in your system longer.

You can naturally get it in your diet through organ meats and leafy greens—but again, not everyone can stomach that diet.

And you’d have to eat a lot.

But because of its ability to pick up, cart, and transport calcium to your bones (and out of your arteries)—researchers have been desperate to find another way to get Americans to eat more.

Especially after they saw the proof.

The most convincing evidence of K2’s cardio-protective benefits was revealed in the large-scale, Rotterdam Heart Study.

Tracking 4,800 participants for 7 years, this Dutch study revealed those participants who ate the greatest quantities of vitamin K2 experienced a 57% reduction in heart concerns.

They even had fewer calcium deposits around the heart!

The size and quantity of this study make it one of the most comprehensive results ever seen in natural science!

Another study with 244 women given 180 mcg of vitamin K2 versus a placebo for 3 years revealed similar shocking results.

Those taking vitamin K2 had significantly improved artery distensibility—an artery’s ability to stretch.

And perhaps most importantly—healthy arterial tissues have been shown to contain 100 times more vitamin K2 than unhealthy arteries.

But there’s one thing you must know

The kind of K2 matters.

Dr. Micozzi only uses the gold standard of vitamin K2 in his formula—MenaQ7®.

And as the creators of this specialized form of K2 say, this is the only form of Vitamin K2 clinically validated to work. It’s been researched and published in journals like… British Journal of Nutrition.

This naturally-derived form uses the highest purification available.

And in every dose of CoreCardio Advanced you receive 150 mcg to make sure your arteries are stocked—day in, day out for complete confidence.

It’s the perfect form, with the perfect dose, a combination you’re not likely
to find anywhere else.

With the natural blood pressure breakthrough, vitamin D…
The limitless heart energy from coenzyme Q10…
The muscle mineral power of magnesium citrate, and…
The unheralded artery protection of vitamin K2...

All supporting your healthy blood pressure and SO MUCH MORE

CoreCardio Advanced will have you feeling more confident in your heart health than ever before.

But as important as it is—perfect heart health is more than blood pressure…
It’s more than correcting vitamin deficiencies…
and it’s even more than heart muscle and energy support.

No one understands this more than Dr. Micozzi. But for the past 30 years, cardiologists have been putting all of their energy into…

One “heart health lynchpin” –
and they couldn’t be more wrong

The American Heart Association is obsessed with cholesterol.

It’s demonized.
It’s villainized.
Billions of dollars have been devoted to scrubbing your body clean of it and yet…

It’s by far one of the most necessary and vital substances in your body.

Just take a look at a FEW of its everyday jobs…

It is critical in forming and maintaining the very structure of your cells.
It helps create vital hormones in your body like testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen.
Your liver uses it to help process fats, your nerves cells need it for insulation…

Without it, your body can’t create vitamin D on its own.

And even more importantly, cholesterol is the raw material used for your body’s healing process.

But while most doctors are obsessed
 with cholesterol-counting—

A REAL heart risk lurks
in every patient

Nearly 50 years ago, Harvard University Medical professor, and colleague to Dr. Micozzi, Dr. Kilmer McCully, first described the incredible connection between heart health and homocysteine.

It’s a non-protein amino acid that is supposed to be recycled over and over again within the body.

And when it’s not—the health of your arterial walls is at risk.

Why? Theories suggest homocysteine may destroy the very endothelial cells making up your cardiovascular system.

In the chunks and divots created as a side effect, cholesterol races in to fill the holes…and turns into plaque.

To Dr. Micozzi, the connection is clear—

Forget cholesterol…
Focus on the REAL CULPRIT

One of the best things you can do for your heart is to help make sure homocysteine gets recycled in your body. All you need is…

A combination of 3 specific secrets…

With the right forms and the right dosages to set the recycling process off and running.

That’s where Dr. Micozzi’s nearly 40 years’ of expertise comes in.

CoreCardio Advanced delivers this essential combination directly to your cardiovascular system with every single easy dose.

By infusing vitamin B6, Folate, and vitamin B12you start to crack the code.

One of the most significant findings regarding any natural ingredient and homocysteine was brought to light through an unprecedented meta-analysis.

When researchers pulled and analyzed figures from 8 of the world’s largest databases—

A shocking pattern emerged in the fight
for healthy homocysteine

They tried vitamin B6.
They tried Folate.
They tried vitamin B12.

Research had shown that each one plays a key role in recycling homocysteine into methionine, taking a potentially dangerous amino acid and converting it into a protein building block.

But by analyzing over 10 years’ worth of data, they could see it…

When you combined all three in one dose—this treatment significantly reduced plasma homocysteine levels.

Knowing this is finally a way to easily support proper homocysteine levels in the body—Dr. Micozzi immediately included…

30 mg of vitamin B6,
800 mcg of folate, and…
1,000 mcg of vitamin B12.

Each dose has been carefully chosen to maximize bioavailability and effectiveness.

But Dr. Micozzi believes maintaining normal levels of homocysteine is so vital to all around heart health—

He’s going even further.

CoreCardio Advanced also boasts 500 mg of trimethylglycine, which has been shown in some studies to be even more powerful than folate for healthy homocysteine levels.

That’s why Dr. Micozzi gives you BOTH in every dose.

Mainstream medicine will never offer
you this much potency and protection—
Because they simply
don’t know about it

They’re obsessed with cholesterol and not giving any attention to what could be the REAL catalyst to heart health risk.

Their regimen of heart-healthy diets and a countertop full of pills can actually ROB your heart of the very nutrients it needs to effortlessly pump blood through your body.

But you can help protect yourself
with just 3 tiny capsules

CoreCardio Advanced

REPLENISHES your body with the natural blood pressure breakthrough, Vitamin D.

RESTOCKS your body with the ultimate nutrients for heart health fuel, heart muscle support, and a perfectly flowing cardiovascular system…

RECHARGES your body with 4 secrets to proper homocysteine levels…

AND promotes proper inflammatory response throughout your entire cardiovascular system!

And to push it over the top EVEN more, Dr. Micozzi is putting…

500 mg of L-carnitine into every dose!

It’s been studied by the Mayo Clinic for its cardiovascular power…

A review of 13 controlled trials revealed L-carnitine has multiple cardiovascular benefits, and…

Compared to a placebo, intake of L-carnitine was associated with a 65% reduction in heart risks!

This is the kind of research Dr. Micozzi will not ignore. So he’s adding it in to make sure CoreCardio Advanced is…

The PEAK of what complete heart-health
should look and FEEL like

COMPLETE CONFIDENCE in your body’s most vital system will have an effect on your entire life…

  • Worrying about your heart health can be banished because you know you’re protected and supported.
  • You’re FREE to tackle any challenge OR adventure in front of you without a second thought.
  • And when you feel secure in your heart power, every aspect of your health begins to SOAR. Sleep more soundly, exercise as much as you like, relieve your mind of the constant STRESS.

And just imagine…

You can FINALLY plug your ears to the
constant stream of nag-nag-NAGGING
that’s been driving you mad.

Dr. Micozzi wants to set the record straight on heart health.

His passionate research reveals the FACTS surrounding your heart…

These aren’t theories.  And it’s not an endless stream of do’s and don’ts.

CoreCardio Advanced SHOWS your heart is craving many of the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that the mainstream approach to heart health is constantly stripping away.

And the best part is—it’s just all SO easy.

But before this very moment—finding all of this heart-health power in just one dose—was anything but easy…

Take a look for yourself.

Where else can you find 9 of the most powerful heart protectors all in one place?

With potent dosages…

In the most bioavailable forms for maximum effectiveness?

Up until now, this specialized formula was ONLY available to an exclusive group of scientifically-minded physicians.

But you don’t need a consultation to get this confidence—it’s all right here for you in just 3 capsules a day.

But I understand any skepticism you might have.

That’s why Dr. Micozzi has reserved a special RISK-FREE bottle of the most complete heart-health breakthrough ever made, CoreCardio Advanced.

CoreCardio Advanced is finally in stock and ready to be delivered. Your supply is being reserved right now and by accepting this invitation it will be shipped right away and completely RISK-FREE.

Dr. Micozzi’s promise is…
after your next doctor’s visit…
Your bottle is FREE

Imagine the confidence you’ll feel when your doctor proudly proclaims,

Your numbers still look GREAT! Keep it up!”

That is when you will know—CoreCardio Advanced is doing its job.

  • Your body is supporting proper inflammatory response and safe blood pressure with the perfect form of vitamin D.
  • Your cardiovascular system is SAFE from homocysteine run amok with 4 separate protectors.
  • Your heart muscle, arteries, and capillaries are stocked and ready with the very nutrients they’re craving for ESSENTIAL blood pressure protection.

When you look at the label and see 9 separate heart-health heroes all working together for you every day…

Your COMPLETE confidence in CoreCardio Advanced will surge.

And if for any reason it’s not—you can simply give us a quick call to receive every penny of your purchase price back (less shipping).

And rest assured, this guarantee NEVER EXPIRES.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been supplying your heart with these vital nutrients for 3 days, or 3 months.

Whether your supply is still full, or completely empty…

If you’re not completely satisfied, you can always get your full purchase price back.

That’s Dr. Micozzi’s
and it’s the best in the business

Today, with Dr. Micozzi’s help, I’ve revealed cutting-edge PROOF of what natural heart support can do for you.

I’ve shown you how the mainstream, no matter what their intentions, are stuck in a maze of heart health misinformation…and are unlikely to find their way out any time soon.

And I’ve shown you that with just 10 seconds a day, you heart health confidence can be stronger than ever before.

And most importantly—it’s all just so easy.

But remember, what CoreCardio Advanced is really about is keeping you involved in the things you love.

  • Traveling without hesitation.
  • Taking care of your family and friends without a second thought.
  • Loving your partner.
  • Hoisting up your grandkids, and seeking new adventures with complete confidence.

And it can all be yours—with your RISK-FREE supply of Dr Micozzi’s CoreCardio Advanced.

Go ahead and click the order button below to have us ship your reserved supply of CoreCardio Advanced today. Just like you’ll be soaring with confidence in your heart health…

I’m 100% confident you’ll be thrilled with your first order of CoreCardio Advanced.


Samantha Kelly, Vice President
Dr. Micozzi’s SmartScience Nutritionals

P.S. We currently have a limited supply of CoreCardio Advanced and I cannot guarantee how long we can hold your RISK-FREE supply. Please reserve your supply within the next 24-hours to ensure we can promptly ship your order. Do not miss your chance to try the most complete heart-health breakthrough available. Reserve your RISK-FREE supply of CoreCardio Advanced today!

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

More Information
Ingredients L-Carnitine, Magnesium, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2, CoQ10, Trimethylglycine, Ubiquinol
Health Concern Energy, Heart Health

• If pregnant or nursing, consult your healthcare practitioner before taking this product.
• Vitamin K2 may counteract the effects of anticoagulation therapy, and therefore is not recommended for patients on blood-thinning medications.
• Keep out of reach of children
• For optimal storage conditions, store in a cool, dry place (59°-77°F/15°-25°C) (35-65% relative humidity). Tamper resistant package, do not use if outer seal is missing.
• Consumers are cautioned to read all labels and follow all directions. You should always consult with your physician before using this or any such products.