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Core Vitality for Men

If you're a man over 50, what you're about to learn will change everything you thought you knew about aging, energy and vitality. Because, one pioneering MD has identified an incredible breakthrough in men's health and nutritional science. No, it's not going to transform you from a couch potato into a He-man overnight. Anyone promising you those kinds of results is peddling snake oil and junk science. 

But, as the days and weeks pass, this cutting-edge formula can help you:

    • Attack your day with real lasting energy and vitality
    • Maintain a trim, healthy physique
    • Support natural testosterone production
    • Support your prostate health
    • Support your heart and cardiovascular system
    • Maintain healthy blood sugar
    • I'm talking about a natural boost of REAL, LASTING, YOUTHFUL ENERGY AND MASCULINE CONFIDENCE.
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Blazing, primal MAN power
from tea and dandelions? YES!
One pioneering M.D. is revealing a shocking secret to men’s health that can help turn tired old men into vibrant dynamos

Transform your strength and energy, super-charge your stamina and vitality, help support your heart, prostate and more! If you’re a man over 50, you CANNOT afford to miss this…

What if I told you the secret to renewed youth, strength, stamina and longevity was hiding in a little yellow flower…and a cup of tea?

Sure, these two ingredients couldn’t seem less masculine. But the emerging science couldn’t be more exciting!

And don’t worry…you won’t have to actually sip cups of tea in a field of yellow flowers.

Because what I’m talking about is no ordinary tea…and who’d want to eat a plate full of dandelions anyway?! Thankfully, you don’t have to.

After decades of research, one pioneering doctor has tapped into the latest in nutritional science, harnessing the power of this nutrient duo in a brand new, revolutionary formula.

If you’re a man over 50, what you’re about to hear will change everything you thought you knew about aging, energy and vitality.

I’m talking about a natural boost of REAL, LASTING, YOUTHFUL ENERGY AND VIBRANCE.

Not just to walk, talk, think, eat and sleep…but to dance, play golf or tennis, keep up with your grandkids—a revitalization of every single activity that makes you feel alive!

Not to mention added support for your prostate, heart, immune health and more!

This powerful, doctor-formulated breakthrough is truly one of a kind—you likely won’t find this combination of energizing, vitalizing nutrients anywhere else.

And it’s about to become the gold standard
in truly healthy aging

This doctor has spent his 40-year career pouring through ancient, historical folk remedies and modern science, uncovering REAL innovative health solutions.

After decades of research, he’s combined the youthful masculinity and energy-infusing benefits of this unique combination of “tea and flowers” into one comprehensive supplement called Core Vitality for Men.

And you can be one of the first men to experience its remarkable power for yourself!

I’ve read the research myself…I’ve worked closely with the visionary M.D. whose research brought this breakthrough to life…and I can say with confidence…

You’ve never experienced natural,
primal, MAN power like this

Core Vitality for Men delivers powerful,
targeted nutrients to help you:

  • Attack your day with real lasting energy and vitality
  • Enjoy renewed strength, stamina and endurance
  • Maintain a trim, healthy physique
  • Support a healthy heart and inflammatory response
  • Maintain healthy blood sugar
  • Support your prostate
  • Support healthy, natural testosterone production

In no time at all, you’ll be turning heads—maybe cutting a rug on the dance floor.

You’ll outpace (and outlast) your buddies on the golf course or the tennis court.

And just wait until they hear about
what’s been going on in your bedroom!

But before I continue, I want to make one thing crystal clear: this is NOT some chest-pounding hormone-booster.

Those “Low T Boosters” and hormone replacers are nothing more than scientific scandal.

And, although this formula can go to work in as little as 2-3 days, you’re not going to transform from Mr. Magoo to the Lone Ranger overnight.

Anyone promising you those kinds of results is peddling snake oil and junk medicine.

But, as the weeks and months pass, Core Vitality for Men CAN help you reclaim your gusto…restore your confidence…enjoy the strength, power and masculine energy you crave!

Core Vitality for Men can help you

In no time at all, “I’m too tired” can become a thing of the past…

“I don’t feel up to it” might never again cross your mind…

“I’m not as young as I used to be” is true if you’re counting candles, but not if you’re talking about your sheer life force.

Finally! You CAN do anything—and everything—you
thought you didn’t have the energy or stamina for!

Because Marc S. Micozzi M.D., Ph.D., a maverick of true healing and wellness, has spent the last 40 years trying to correct the faulty “science, logic and reasoning” perpetuated by both mainstream medicine and the natural health know-it-alls.

He thrust the STAGGERING PROOF of complementary and alternative therapies in the face of mainstream medicine and demanded attention.

In fact, he was directly involved in some of the world’s most recognized natural research—on findings with lycopene, lutein, brassica vegetables, and excess body iron.

Dr. Micozzi is not your average doctor. Far from it.

He’s a medical doctor, a medical anthropologist and an epidemiologist. Yet, in spite of his mainstream medical credentials, experience has shown him that the science of natural wellness often gets buried in bureaucracy, red taped and just plain ignored.

That’s why his approach to true healing and wellness combines an in-depth understanding of both high-powered, high-tech mainstream medicine and the equally powerful and effective world of natural and nutritional medicine.

So when he first told me about his theories of healthy aging in men…

When he explained why this formula was so unique—so important…

When all of the pieces of the last 12 years of his research into the following breakthrough began falling into place…

It was time to get the message out
so men like you could experience
the remarkable difference for yourself!

And while there’s still more research to be done, based on Dr. Micozzi’s decades of work and experience, there’s no longer any reason to wait!

He’s seen enough of the historical evidence, in-vitro testing, animal models, and even small-scale human clinical trials to conclude…

This unique formula could help transform your health, your overall vitality and your perception of aging, forever.

Before you know it, you could start to feel like you’re going from limp and lethargic to STRONG and revitalized…

From sluggish and withdrawn to ALIVE and playful…

From a couch potato to a VIBRANT dynamo…

Plus, as the weeks and months pass—as Core Vitality for Men continues to infuse each and every cell in your body—it can actually start to work even BETTER!

It’s based on a centuries-old theory that our energy and longevity are directly tied to “tiny internal fires” burning throughout our bodies.

It turns out this long-forgotten concept couldn’t be more correct. And it would have been lost forever had it not been for Dr. Micozzi’s expertise in medical anthropology!

The key to youth, vitality and longevity comes
from feeding and stoking your “internal fires”

Philosopher and scientist, Avicenna, was centuries ahead of his time when he wrote the The Canon of Medicine during the 11th century, AD.

And while working on a modern translation with his colleagues, Dr. Micozzi became intrigued by Avicenna’s theory about “tiny internal fires” that keep us strong, vibrant and alive.

According to their modern translation, Avicenna wrote:

“After the period of youth, heat starts to diminish due to the decline in moisture…in the absence of a natural reversal, all bodily functions reach their end.”

This description of heat and moisture is actually a profoundly accurate description of how the mitochondria in each and every cell create energy and water for the cells.

The energy you need to not only walk, talk, think, eat and sleep, but dance, play golf, keep up with your grandkids—every single function that makes you alive.

Even centuries ago, Avicenna had a remarkable understanding of cellular aging, respiration and today’s painfully unaddressed concept of cellular hydration

What Avicenna didn’t have was a solution.

Could there be a nutrient powerful enough to naturally stoke those inner flames, restore cellular hydration and promote lasting youth, vigor, strength and longevity?

Dr. Micozzi has been studying this dilemma for 12 years. And the research has finally emerged to support what he’s theorized all along…
This simple cup of tea may hold the secret to
stoking your inner flames and igniting
your masculine strength…

But this is no ordinary cup of tea!

This is a powerful red tea from South Africa called rooibos (pronounced roy-bus)—it’s Afrikaans for “red bush.” And it’s actually made from a powdered extract of the fermented rooibos plant.

It was virtually unheard of until recently, but Dr. Micozzi’s been studying it for years.

And you’re among the first to learn about this incredible breakthrough.

Because, as it turns out, a unique extract of this red “tea” plant may help shuttle fuel into cells’ mitochondria, stoking “inner flames,” producing real, lasting, natural energy. Hydrating cells from the inside…

Solving Avicenna’s ancient youth-preservation dilemma, and helping to…

Deliver a masculine vitality to your entire body
like no other natural substance you’ve ever experienced!

Dr. Micozzi has personally witnessed the hydrating effects of drinking “tea” made from a powdered extract of rooibos. He even worked with college and professional athletes, coaches and trainers to test its effects.

And finally, recent in-vitro and animal studies have shed light on a possible mechanism of action. As well as additional health benefits beyond hydration. It turns out…

Rooibos could be “the next big thing” when it comes to
maintaining healthy blood sugar.

As I’m sure you’ve heard, maintaining healthy blood sugar levels plays a big part in ensuring steady energy and vitality.

Studies on mouse cells showed that rooibos helped muscle cells absorb more glucose from the blood stream.

Not only does this property help maintain healthy blood sugar levels, it also helps fire up energy-producing mitochondria and kicks vitality into high gear.

A study done on mice showed that one of the antioxidant components of rooibos could help stimulate healthy insulin production in the pancreas! And healthy insulin levels help maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Of course, maintaining a healthy weight goes hand in hand with energy and vitality. And it’s just as challenging to maintain a healthy weight as it is to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

And once again, early research indicates rooibos may help here as well.

A brand-new, 2014 in-vitro study showed that one of the active components in rooibos also helped prevent the accumulation of fat in fat cells while reducing production ofan enzyme called leptin…

Leptin is a hormone that plays a key role in energy metabolism and has been at the center of research on weight loss.

And while more research in humans is needed, in Dr. Micozzi’s experience, it all points to one direction…

Rooibos has the potential to not only help maintain healthy blood sugar levels, but also help you…

Maintain a healthy weight—
to keep you slim, fit, and active!

And that’s STILL only the beginning of the rooibos story!

Rooibos also contains youth-protecting antioxidants.

Among the most powerful is quercetin. Called a “titan among antioxidants,” quercetin helps support a healthy inflammatory response—supporting the heart and cardiovascular system.

Energy, vitality, blood sugar support, healthy weight and healthy inflammatory response—youth-preserving antioxidant power…

It’s amazing that rooibos has existed in virtual obscurity for so long!

It even contains a unique antioxidant called aspalathin. As with all antioxidants, aspalathin can help defend the body against oxidative damage from free radicals. This free-radical damage has been linked to aging.  

In-vitro and animal models have also shown that this unique antioxidant may help reduce the negative effects of stress and could contribute to longevity.

Everything you need to look your best, feel your best and live your best.

And while rooibos alone would be enough to create a supplement called Core Vitality for Men, this breakthrough goes so much further.

Because rooibos is even MORE POWERFUL when combined with…

The little yellow flower that does it ALL

I’m sure when you think about strength and masculinity…you don’t picture a field of dandelions.

So, if it helps, the name dandelion actually comes from the French, dent-de-lion, which means “lion’s tooth.”

And when it comes to super-charging your health, this lion’s tooth couldn’t be sharper.

Because research shows that the entire plant—flower, stem, leaves and root—can help deliver an amazing array of health benefits.

The entire plant is edible and out-delivers nutrient-rich heavyweights like spinach and broccoli in terms of beta carotene, fatty acids, fiber and protein.

It beats their variety of amino acids, and most vitamins and minerals as well.

Plus, dandelion contains a variety of plant sterols and antioxidants.
dandelions But what it has isn’t nearly as impressive as
what it can help do for your energy, vitality and overall wellness
Emerging evidence on plant sterols and antioxidants suggests, this unassuming garden weed may help support and maintain:

  • Overall prostate health
  • Healthy cholesterol
  • A healthy inflammatory response
  • Healthy  immune system
  • Healthy liver function

Plus, as seen in a mouse study, just like rooibos, dandelion may even help prevent fat absorption.

Another ace up your sleeve when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight

Dandelion may naturally help reduce lipase—an enzyme produced by your pancreas to dissolve fats for digestion and absorption.

So, less lipase can mean less fat absorbed through digestion!

Certain extracts can also help pancreatic B-cells naturally produce insulin—that means even more blood sugar support.

And the powerful antioxidant, lutein, responsible for infusing dandelion flowers with that trademark bright yellow color, is one of the few nutrients that can cross the blood/brain barrier.

Protecting your delicate brain cells
and promoting healthy eyesight

Animal studies suggest dandelion also helps support liver health, a key component of overall health, energy and immune support.

Because, not only are we surrounded by chemicals and toxins every minute of every day, if you’re also taking medications, your liver has to work even harder—draining energy you could be using to go out on the town!

Heart health, brain protection, prostate support, healthy eyesight and a healthy immune system—what more could you ask for?

How about a natural surge of MANLINESS?!

Testosterone is what makes men manly. It helps build lean muscle, boosts confidence and I’m sure I don’t need to tell you what it does for you in the bedroom.

That’s why when you turn on the TV, read the paper or listen to the radio, both the mainstream and alternative medicine worlds are peddling a variety of testosterone boosters to any man (and their spouses) who’ll listen.

At best, it’s money-driven junk science. But artificially forcing testosterone into your body can be downright dangerous to your heart and prostate, and overall health.

However, when researchers combined Rooibos and
Dandelion, something really exciting happened

Natural testosterone production processes kicked into action.

Although the research is preliminary, in one animal study when dandelion and rooibos were combined, results showed:

  • A 25% increase in physical activity
  • A 43% boost in natural testosterone levels
  • Increased quantity and quality of sperm production

And in the small four-week clinical study done on men mentioned earlier, using a standardized, 17-point questionnaire, subjects reported a 20% improvement in overall quality of life.

The questionnaire included things like: muscle strength, overall vitality, joint comfort, sleep habits, libido and more…!

Who’d have guessed that “tea” and dandelions could super-charge your vitality, your gusto, your strength and endurance?!

Well, Dr. Micozzi has understood all this potential for years. And finally there’s emerging research to support it.

And, it almost goes without saying, when you’re physically healthier—you increase your chances of living longer.

This remarkable nutrient combination is not available anywhere else…

You’re among the first to learn about its power…

You can be one of the first to experience Core Vitality for Men and:

  • Wow your wife with your masculine confidence
  • Attack your day with lasting natural energy from sun-up to sundown
  • Outpace your buddies with your strength and endurance
  • Impress  yourself by the trim, fit, youthful you that continues to look back in the mirror

Core Vitality for Men starts going to work from day one, infusing each and every cell with youth-enhancing energy and support—some may notice a difference quickly.

But, stay the course for a month or two and watch out! As with most nutritional supplements, that’s when the biggest benefits really begin to kick in.

There’s nothing like this ANYWHERE

And in just another moment, I’ll show you how to order Core Vitality for Men and try it for as long as you like—absolutely WORRY-FREE.

But keep watching, because…

Core Vitality for Men includes one of the most
important nutrients for men over 50

Few doctors know the importance of lycopene better than Dr. Micozzi.

In fact, as powerful nutrient support goes, he puts lycopene at the very top of the “prostate health insurance” list.

And he would know because, 30 years ago, while doing original research on beta-carotene at the National Cancer Institute he discovered the abundance of lycopene in certain foods and its prominence in human metabolism and nutrition. 

And while he predicted that beta-carotene by itself wouldn’t do much in the way of prostate health, he discovered that…

Lycopene is a prostate health superstar!

Researchers from Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the Harvard School of Public Health looked at 47,400 men enrolled in the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study. They found that those men who ate the most tomato sauce, which is rich in lycopene, had the healthiest prostates.

In addition—lycopene has been associated with a healthy heart and circulation.

A study published in the journal Neurology in 2012 found that eating tomatoes and tomato-based foods rich in lycopene were associated with healthier circulation. Researchers found that people with the highest amount of lycopene in their blood were 55 percent better off than those with the lowest amounts.

That means a daily serving of lycopene, combined with the other power-nutrients in Core Vitality for Men, is a sure-fire way to help ensure your heart and prostate stay in tip-top shape.

And lycopene’s not the only heart- and prostate-supporting nutrient in Core Vitality for Men.

Oysters, long reputed as one of nature’s most powerful male aphrodisiacs, got their reputation honestly. It was believed to be related to their high zinc content.

So it’s not surprising to learn that the highest concentrations of zinc in your body can be found in your prostate.

A powerful antioxidant in its own right, zinc also helps you maintain a healthy immune system. And according to study reviews, it appears to support heart health too! 

A perfect addition to…

The gold standard of
renewed masculinity, vitality and longevity

No other men’s health supplement today delivers this powerful combination of rooibos and dandelion…

No other men’s health supplement combines clean, clear science with Nature’s most powerful and revitalizing nutrients…

And no other men’s health supplement is money-back guaranteed to help deliver lasting natural energy, slow the effects of aging (maybe even extend your lifespan!), promote masculine strength, confidence and vitality, support your prostate—even help support healthy blood sugar and lipid levels!

Quickly, safely and naturally.  

It’s just that simple.

Core Vitality for Men delivers everything you need to

And if I’m wrong…you don’t pay a dime of the purchase price. It’s FREE.

No strings attached.

Core Vitality for Men starts going to work fast. In as little as 2-3 days you may begin to feel it working.

But dramatic changes like these can’t happen overnight—these powerful nutrients take some time to work their magic.

Give it a full 2-3 months and you’ll really feel it “kick in”!

And that’s why you can try Core Vitality for Men for as long as you like—whether it’s three months or three years.

You should never lose money on a product that
falls short of your expectations.

That’s why I don’t put a time limit on the guarantee—I believe that guarantees with deadlines are my competitors’ way of duping you out of money.

If you’re not feeling a powerful infusion of energy…if you’re not enjoying renewed masculine endurance and vitality…if Core Vitality for Men doesn’t live up to your every expectation at any time and for any reason (1 month from now or 1 year from now), simply return the unused portion and I’ll refund every penny of your last purchase price (less shipping).

There’s no better way to ensure unparalleled  
primal man power, today and every day

I’m talking about a real, lasting, completely natural get-up-and-go feeling. Wake up every morning feeling refreshed, recharged, limber and ready to…

  • Go tackle those house projects
  • Go hit 18 holes in an afternoon—if your buddies can keep up…
  • Go plant that garden you’ve been thinking about…
  • Go on vacation…go on a road trip…go on a stroll through the park…

You have nothing to lose, and a longer lifetime of core energy, vitality, endurance, masculine power and longevity to look forward to.

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Ingredients Dandelion , Lycopene, Zinc, Rooibos
Health Concern Energy, Healthy Aging, Men's Health, Rooibos

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