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CoreForce BioBlend

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Core B-Complex

Core Brilliance

Your secret to a perfect memory at every age

Imagine what your day would be like if you could recall names, dates, computer passwords, and phone numbers with ease…instead of having to rely on written lists, date books, and calendars. With Core Brilliance, it could be so much easier than you think.

Dr. Micozzi personally designed Core Brilliance to help you maximize your brainpower, strengthen your memory, and boost your mood.

In one daily dose, you get total brain support, including…

  • Lutein, a powerful brain booster that’s essential to a strong memory as you age. Groundbreaking research reveals that every exceptionally sharp person you meet in their 80s, 90s, 100s, or beyond is believed to have lots of lutein in their brain. Lutein has even been linked to a higher IQ!
  • Berberine, a brain health superstar that can help boost brain function in 41 powerful ways. It also helps activate your brain’s natural “cleaning crew” to clean out the mental rust—and help combat aging in the brain.
  • Thiamine (B1), Vitamin B6, Folic acid (B9), and Vitamin B12, nicknamed “Neuro-Vitamins.” These nutrients are critical to keep your brain cells “firing” on all cylinders, and for helping you remember “who, what, when, where” details.
  • Alpha-GPC, a specialized form of choline that helps fuel quick thinking. It also helps builds up the protective outer layers of your brain cells.

Core Brilliance is Dr. Micozzi’s “foolproof memory formula.” Try it today and experience what this total brain support can do for you. And remember, Core Brilliance is guaranteed to work for you—or your money back.

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"It's been right in front of us
this whole time."
Scientists were literally staring at it for over 30 years...
But now it's OBVIOUS. This "misused" secret is--
your mind desperately needs!

Dear Concerned Friend,

You have never felt brain power quite like this. Some of the world’s most respected neurology journals have never reported results quite like this.

And it can all be credited to one of the most surprising sources for brain health in modern medical history.

Today—I want you to discover the “FEEL IT or Forget it”
brain sensation that will leave no doubt…

That’s right. A brain supporter you can actually feel.

Like a healthy gust of wind—clearing out the thick mental fog

Or a carving stone, sharpening your focus to a fine razor’s edge

Or a sturdy stomp on the gas—revving your brain’s RPM’s into OVERDRIVE.

And folks just like you are already feeling the difference for themselves…

“I am 64 and have been using this secret
for a little over two months now. 
The results I am experiencing are phenomenal!”

-Jim Randolph, Indiana

It’s all thanks to…

The “OBVIOUS” brain chemistry secret
shocking researchers

Imagine—a substance which has literally been under scientists’ noses for decades—is now revolutionizing the fundamentals of brain health.

If you’re suffering from “memory misfires…”
If your mantra is, “Remember, you put your keys on the counter…”
And if you are fed-up and frustrated with the “brain boosters” of today…

Wait until you FEEL the difference racing your way.

Hello, my name is Katherine Wheeler.

Natural brain health has been stuck in the mud for decades.

And this point that was made crystal clear by one of America’s leading authorities in natural healing, Marc S. Micozzi, M.D., Ph.D.

At the beginning of his now 40-year career as a medical insider to some of the world’s most influential institutions—Dr. Micozzi was convinced he’d see innovations in natural neuroscience…a lot of them.

But do a quick search and what do you see? The very same “brain boosters” that were introduced to the western world in the 1960’s or earlier.

I’m sure you’ve tried them…and I’m sure you’ve questioned whether they’re really working.

No more guessing.
Unrivaled, Unheard of,
Unseen until NOW—BRAIN POWER

This brain breakthrough has been waiting-in-the-wings for nearly 40 years.

And it wasn’t hiding in the foothills of the Chinese countryside…or on the bottom of the ocean floor, but instead—right in the laboratories of some America’s most hallowed institutions.

For centuries, this “brain behemoth” has been used as a natural coloring dye. In recent decades, it has been very important in histology—the study of cellular anatomy.


Researchers all over the world use this natural coloring dye as a cellular tracking device. They use it to stain a cell and then follow where it goes.

But suddenly, scientists realize it could have the potential to…

Help SQUASH the “memory misfires” before they take over your day…
Support Rocket-fast recall so faces, phone numbers, names and appointments snap 
   to mind like a whip-CRACK
• And Scrub away the smudge for mental clarity that shines like a Tiffany’s boutique!

Though research is preliminary and needs to be confirmed in human studies, Dr. Micozzi isn’t about to wait another minute to jump on this brain behemoth.

He’s using it as the centerpiece of his revolutionary formula called,

Core Brilliance: Body. Brain. Mood.

But what, why, and HOW IS IT SO POWERFUL?

It’s an incredible revelation I couldn’t believe myself. The fact that this simple substance is so perfectly matched to brain health is almost divine.

Researchers from Washington University in St. Louis discovered that patients experiencing typical age-related cognitive decline often had one thing in common…

A specific plaque called Amyloid Beta. This frightening enemy can build and build within the brain—specifically between the intercellular spaces of the brain.

Like dust filling up an empty attic.

Amyloid beta can clog-up your brain by…

Causing oxidative stress in your brain…
Gunking up neurons and…
Slowing down mitochondria function—the energy source of your brain cells.

BBC Health, the medical research publication Nature, and Clinical Neurology News have all reported on the dangers of invasive brain plaque.

It’s a normal part of aging, but a part that science is now suggesting you should avoid at all costs.

Dr. Micozzi calls it the “BRAIN BEHEMOTH. Maybe you’ve heard of its given name before, but probably never quite like this…

Preliminary research is now showing, berberine directly affects the origins of amyloid beta.

In vitro research reported in the highly respected journal, BMC Neuroscience shows that “berberine can significantly decrease the production of amyloid beta.” And a more recent study in lab animals confirms it’s true!

Maybe you have heard of it before—but not like this.

YES—It’s a blood sugar powerhouse, known for helping you to maintain healthy blood-sugar levels naturally…

YES—It made a HUGE splash for heart health by showing that it helps support healthy cholesterol levels.

But wait until you see what Dr. Micozzi has “in mind” for it next…

Is this the ANSWER for keeping your smarts at their sharpest all through your golden years?

As you can see, berberine already deserves a special place in your kitchen cabinet.

But no one’s talking about berberine as the ultimate brain supporter

The truth is—ALL doctors should be shouting from the rooftops—“this is what we’ve been waiting for!”

Here’s why…

Brilliant Brain Feat #1
Could help keep “Brain Sludge” in check

I told you there was a better answer—and this could be it.

One reason Dr. Micozzi was so interested by the Washington University discovery is because he had also seen the preliminary research showing…

Berberine can directly affect some of the origins of so-called “Brain Sludge.”

That’s right—the amyloid beta that can accumulate and turn into “brain sludge” has to start somewhere and that’s where berberine can step in.

The Washington University researchers showed that some brains have higher levels of amyloid beta, and discovered that it’s associated with typical age-related memory lapses.

But berberine appears to have the unique ability to influence the proteins that create amyloid beta in the first place.

That’s right!

In vitro research reported in the highly respected journal, BMC Neuroscience shows that “berberine can significantly decrease the production of amyloid beta.” And a more recent study in lab animals confirms this!

Finally—there’s something you can do to
support your brain health!

That’s the power behind this special brain breakthrough, berberine—and that’s why it’s the centerpiece to Dr. Micozzi’s new, cutting-edge formula, Core Brilliance. And while there is still more research to be done to confirm berberine’s effects in humans, this research is promising for those wanting a way to support their brain and memory health now.

Dr. Micozzi likes to think of it as a “9-second Neuro-Burst” because with just nine seconds a day you could send a rejuvenating brain burst throughout your cortex. And it all starts with influencing “brain sludge.”

By helping to keep “brain sludge” levels in check you’re helping to…

  • Armor and protect your memory…
  • Maintain a blazing fast mental recall and…
  • Still be the “know it all” family member—and proud of it!

And berberine’s not even done yet…

Brilliant Brain Feat #2--
Berberine is the Einstein of brain supporters...
everything else is like an Elmer Fudd

Berberine scores straight A’s and goes for extra credit.

Your brain is the most important aspect of your health…and the human body is well aware of this fact.

In fact, it’s surrounded your brain with a security system that should make the Federal Reserve jealous.

It’s called the blood-brain barrier and it’s a complex system of junctions and capillaries that surrounds your brain—and only exists around your brain, eyes and spinal cord—some of the most vital systems to your health.

It would be like walking from one end of your grocery store to the otherand being asked at every aisle for proof of identification by a security guard.

And it’s necessary to help keep out chemicals, toxins, viruses and pathogens that could otherwise destroy your body’s greatest asset.

The problem is…the blood-brain barrier can keep out some supplements that are “designed” to help out your brain health!

That’s right—if they’re not on the list…they’re not getting in.

But berberine is one nutrient that has an “all-access” pass through your blood-brain barrier.

It’s been shown in animal studies to cross through the blood-brain barrier and actively play a role in brain health.

So you can feel 100% CONFIDENT that your berberine is getting where it needs to be, doing its job—helping support healthy brain function and, unlike some supplements, arriving at its final destination.

And guess what? There’s one more amazing feat it performs once it gets there…

Brilliant Brain Feat #3
A BOOMING payload of antioxidant power!

It’s been widely recognized that oxidative damage can occur within your brain—and accelerate the aging process.

Like rust on an old truck, free radicals can roam throughout your brain and oxidize precious brain tissue.

But berberine’s antioxidant ability has also been widely demonstrated—showing it can hunt down and scavenge free radical oxygen as well as free radical nitrogen. That might sound like some scientific jargon…but it’s important because the oxidation of nitrogen and oxygen (and nitric-oxide) might play a role in the formation of “brain sludge.”

And unlike other nutrients, you can feel CONFIDENT that this antioxidant payload makes it right to its destination because berberine can get through the brains’ blood barrier.

and it’s available to you like never before!

Core Brilliance—Body. Brain. Mood.

This is the most scientific natural brain supporter available to you today.

It’s long been Dr. Micozzi’s dream to deliver a premium, real, cutting-edge brain health breakthrough and with Core Brilliance, he has nailed it!

With just two tiny capsules a day—you’re supporting the health of your brain, your memory, your smarts like no other formula can.

Every dose is loaded with 500 mg of the very well-researched form of berberine, berberine HCl.

That’s 500 mg of the most promising brain protector you could ever find…and it’s at the center of Dr. Micozzi’s bold new formula, Core Brilliance.

Plus, aside from the brain-supporting aspects of berberine, there’s another way it can support your overall brain health…

Beat back the sludge and support your mood?

Studies in laboratory animal research models have shown berberine appears to help support a positive mood in times of stress.

Every day you’re being assaulted by stress. Something as simple as a long line at the grocery store...

To putting in another grueling day with your overbearing boss at the office.

It’s all stress. And over time it can take a heavy toll on your outlook and certainly your mood.

Results still need to be confirmed in humans, but imagine—with one nutrient you could help protect your brain health AND keep a positive outlook even when life throws you a sinking curveball.

Those are the three BRILLIANT feats that naturally come along with the brain breakthrough berberine.  

And it’s why Dr. Micozzi jumped at the chance to use it.

But while it may be the centerpiece of Dr. Micozzi’s brilliant new brain formula—he wanted to truly…

Set the BOLD, NEW STANDARD for brain support—
with EVERYTHING you need

Any breakthrough that may help keep “brain sludge” levels in check would certainly be worth your attention.

But Dr. Micozzi wanted to go even further—that’s why he included SIX more must-have brain supporters.

Dr. Micozzi is always aiming to give you the most complete scientific formulas available and he has truly hit the mark this time.

With every dose of Core Brilliance—you’ll energize your mind with…

Thiamine, Vitamin B6, Folic acid and Vitamin B12—to truly get your synapses firing. These B vitamins are critical for your brain’s functions—day in and day out.

In fact, a placebo-controlled study performed at the prestigious Oxford University in England showed that B vitamins could help support healthy brain size in elderly patients.

A healthy brain size can be taken as a good indicator of proper cognitive function and overall brain health.

It’s BIG news and you get four different kinds of B vitamins for optimal support.

But that’s not all…

You get 50 mg of the memory miracle of an advanced Alpha GPC complex.

Larger doses of Alpha GPC, by themselves, have been studied for their effects on memory—and this is proving to be another GENIUS solution in helping to support memory recall and cognitive function.

In fact, Alpha GPC is actually a precursor for a “memory chemical” in your brain, acetylcholine. This brain chemical is believed to be critical for memory, thinking, and learning, among many other critical functions. So, you need to have the right levels in your brain.

And there’s more—

Core Brilliance also feeds your brain with one of the key nutrients that is with you and your brain from the beginning. Recent research suggests lutein is essential in the brain’s development as an infant…and throughout your life, this special carotenoid appears to help support fast-firing neurons and quick thinking.

(Using some of his own quick thinking, Dr. Micozzi was among  the team of scientists to first recognize the importance of lutein in human metabolism and nutrition 30 years ago—and is now able to bring this breakthrough to you.)

All of these brain all-stars come together to form one of the most advanced brain health formulas ever created.

In fact—if you’re considering taking another formula now, Dr. Micozzi needs you to know why…

Time and time again…
“Memory Boosters” just MUCK-UP brain support!

Here’s a fact—Keeping your mind as sharp as Julia Child’s paring knife is not only possible—you can keep it up for life!

So why are so many brain formulas…such HUGE disappointments? Plain and simple—they don’t understand the 3 keys to brain science.

1. WHAT’S NEXT? If you’re not 10 steps ahead—you’re outdated!

Brain science is flying faster than particles in a nuclear accelerator, but the truth is—many formulas are still clopping along like a horse and buggy…

Gingko, Omega-3’s, Amino acids? These have been the staples in modern, natural brain science for decades, but you’re ready to try something NEW, something revolutionary.

That’s why Core Brilliance is founded on BREAKTHROUGH, exciting science. This is science that sparked the inspiration for what could be the most revolutionary brain formula of our time.

2. FILL’ER UP! Don’t fall prey to a “skimpy” brain formula

The sad truth is—a lot of these formulas wouldn’t help out a gnat’s brain, let alone the “top of the food chain” brains we humans have.

You need more, more, MORE. But many formulas take the “buckle down” approach because they figure no one’s going to know the difference anyway…

You don’t have time for that—especially when you now know the importance of keeping brain sludge in check. But Dr. Micozzi is revealing his secret weapon of berberine and how you can get MORE of it.

3. Your brain is complex—don’t rely on a “simpleton supplement.”

If you want brain health you can feel—one nutrient just isn’t going to cut it.

That’s why Core Brilliance takes an all-encompassing approach to brain health. The centerpiece is certainly the brain breakthrough berberine, but it can get even better. Core Brilliance features a magnificent 7 of the most promising natural brain supporters available. Each one nurtures your brain in unique ways—supporting your memory, your recall and your brain security.

Now remember, this product is only intended to help support a strong memory and cognitive function as you age, so if you have more serious memory concerns, be sure to see your doctor.

And if you’re still not sure whether Core Brilliance is right for you—I want to show you something…

There’s not a single risk for giving Core Brilliance a try today because you’re armed with…


Every bottle, every dose, every little pill comes with the greatest guarantee you’ll ever find.

That’s not an exaggeration—it’s literally impossible to get better than this!
If at any point—after a week, a month or 6 months (of finally beating back the sludge), you decide it’s not right for you…you can return your bottle for every cent you paid.
See what I mean? You can return your bottle for a full refund with no questions asked—any time.
That’s because I know once you get a taste of this head-to-toe health…feel the power of this new natural breakthrough…
You’ll never want to be without it.
In fact, I know you won’t ever want to go back.

And I want to offer you BIG savings today…

Don’t you just love it when a good thing gets even better? That’s just the case with my FREE autoship delivery service.
When you order today, you’ll get a fresh supply just when you need it. As soon as you’re coming down to your last cutting-edge capsule and think you have to reorder—your order will show up like clockwork.
  • No more calling or ordering online every month—we conveniently ship your orders on the schedule you choose.
  • You can adjust, hold, or cancel your service at any time with just a quick call. Our experienced representatives can easily adjust your service in seconds.
  • And here’s the kicker…YOU GET FREE SHIPPING ON EVERY ORDE
Think about it, in just one year with your Autoship service order of Core Brilliance, you’ll save over $83!
And just like the Gold Standard Guarantee—there is no risk. If at any point you want to halt shipments or cancel out of this program, just give us a quick call with no questions asked.
I want to give you the BEST solution...with the BIGGEST savings…at NO RISK. So…

What are you waiting for?

Core Brilliance is GUARANTEED to send your confidence, your peace-of-mind, your brain support soaring, or your money back.

You can…Support your memory, help keep “brain sludge” in check and experience the brain power of one of the world’s most cutting-edge brain formulas…

All with NO RISK.

Support your brain with a one-of-a-kind natural miracle

Dr. Micozzi has hand-selected the essential nutrients you need—day in and day out for a healthy brain. Every extract you find in his cutting-edge formula, Core Brilliance is high quality, and it’s manufactured in a facility that follows the toughest good manufacturing practices standards in the U.S.

Not to mention, Dr. Micozzi’s even tougher personal standards.

So please, don’t wait another minute. Help keep your body’s greatest asset free from those annoying age-related memory lapses.

New science has revealed a revolutionary nutrient for your brain’s health.

With Core Brilliance you get 500 mg of this breakthrough brain secret with every dose and it can be yours for just $39.95. How does that sound?

You can experience this new natural breakthrough AND protect your memory, your wisdom and your wit—all with this brand new natural secret.

This is ALL YOU NEED. And it’s yours at this great opening price. Now’s the time…

Take control of your brain’s health and
hold on to your “never forget” memory

Get your supply of Core Brilliance—Body. Brain. Mood. Now.


This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

More Information
Ingredients Berberine , Folic Acid , Thiamin, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, Alpha-GPC Complex, Lutein
Health Concern Brain Health, Healthy Aging

• Keep out of reach of children 
• Do not take this product if you are pregnant or nursing, on anti-coagulants/anti-platelet medications, have gall stones or gall bladder disease. 
• Consumers are cautioned to read all labels and follow all directions. You should always consult with your physician before using this or any such products.