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Core Brilliance

CoreForce BioBlend

America’s authority on natural science has crafted ONE GLORIOUS GLASS to check off every item on your health wish list…with ENERGY to spare!

By bringing together 5 forces for healthy aging all in one place…your heart, blood sugar, brain function, vision, blood pressure, inflammatory response, energy, and so much more can all be supported with every sip.

With high potency fruit extracts of Blueberry, Baobab, Rose hip, and Aspal—the antioxidant potential is a rush of vitality you will FEEL.

With every sip, it feels like…

A building CRESENDO of ENERGY—to carry you through your workday, yard work, exercise routine, or any moment where you can’t miss a thing.

A “MEMORY Makeover” with unflappable focus, razor-sharp recall, and the confidence to speak your mind and show off your wit.

A SURGE of strength as you quickly supply your muscles with the supporting-elements they’ve been craving

The levels of antioxidants, vitamins, flavonoids, and phytonutrients found in every dose of this groundbreaking new formula is MIND-BOGGLING.

CoreForce BioBlend gives you more protection, MORE ENERGY, more healthy-aging force all in ONE GLORIOUS GLASS.

Now you can live worry-free. You can keep your memory, keep your wits, keep your strength, and have all the energy you need to show it all off.

All in one delicious, refreshing drink you’ll never mind sipping.

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Think fastbecause your memory is about to ramp up…
Get EXCITED—and know your heart can handle the quickening pulse…
Take a look now—with clear-as-crystal vision you’ve been dreaming of…

Today you can—

SIP your way to the
LIVELIEST years yet

America’s authority on natural science has said it for years—“superfoods” are BUNK!

But finally, he’s crafted ONE GLORIOUS GLASS to check off
every item on your healthy wish-list with ENERGY to spare!

Dear Reader,

There’s one, sure-fire way to make the most knowledgeable and scientifically-gifted natural physician in America absolutely furious—

Use the word “superfood.”

I should know—I’ve made the mistake in the past.

He’ll reply with his own choice words: “Gimmick,” “Bunk,” and “Fraud” just to name a few.

It might be unexpected from the man who has fought tooth and nail to defend natural science in some of the most notorious mainstream institutions on Earth.

But in his expert opinion…

Kale…almonds…chia seeds? They’re fine.
But if you really want to go “SUPER”
There’s only one way to get it...

Put together 5 of the most powerful, scientifically-demonstrated dietary marvels known to man—all in one blend.

And after two years of research and development—that’s exactly what this natural authority has done.

The results you’ll feel can only be described as BEYOND SUPER.

Heart support…
Blood sugar control…
Brain function…
Blood Pressure…
Healthy joints…
Inflammatory response…

And more…

Everything on this list can be beautifully supported—but no single “superfood” is going to do it.

Does that mean it has to be difficult? Does it mean the sticker shock will give you whiplash? Does it mean you have to gag down fistfuls of pills to cover so many health concerns at once?

Not in the slightest.

And as you’re about to discover—the breakthrough that took nearly two years of research and investigation to perfect—was worth it in spades.

All thanks to the tireless work of Marc S. Micozzi, M.D., Ph.D.—former researcher and physician for the National Institutes of Health, Walter Reed Medical Center, and founding editor-in-chief of The Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine.

In fact, even when Dr. Micozzi tried the final formula himself—

The doctor who’s seen it all was FLOORED
“I’ve never felt such a powerful and
dramatic effect—RIGHT AWAY
~ Marc S. Micozzi, M.D., Ph.D.

It feels like—

A building CRESENDO of ENERGY—to carry you through your workday, yard work, exercise routine, or any moment where you can’t miss a thing.

A “MEMORY Makeover” with unflappable focus, razor-sharp recall, and the confidence to speak your mind and show off your wit.

A SURGE of strength as you quickly supply your muscles with the supporting-elements they’ve been craving

The levels of antioxidants, vitamins, flavonoids, and phytonutrients found in every dose of this groundbreaking new formula is MIND-BOGGLING.

And the science behind the health benefits of each of the 5 ingredients is staggering.

My name is Samantha Kelly and I’m thrilled to introduce the greatest breakthrough yet in Dr. Micozzi’s remarkable career. His personal…

CoreForce BioBlend
1 Glorious Glass… 5 Forces for Healthy Aging…
Equaling countless improvements
From head to toe. 

I’ll never forget the first time I tried it.

After two years of researching and refining, Dr. Micozzi’s final batch arrived to my office for an official taste-test.

At first, I was skeptical. I knew what Dr. Micozzi was trying to achieve with this formula. But how could so much nutritional power  possibly fit into one glass—

And what on Earth would it taste like?

I mixed the powder into a glass of water…

And with just one sip I was hooked.

Everyone who’s tried it since uses the same words to describe it, “light and refreshing.”

But that’s not the only reason why you’ll keep wanting more.

It’s the synergistic RUSH of vitality from bringing 5 of the world’s most powerful healthy aging food secrets all together in just one cup.

Something I’ve never experienced from any one of the world’s leading so-called “superfoods.”

But allow me to show you the head-to-toe healthy aging power Dr. Micozzi has crafted—and why it’s scientifically-guaranteed to bring you the exact same rush.

With Dr. Micozzi’s CoreForce BioBlend—your brain, heart, immunity, muscles, joints and more will be surging with vitality. .

I’ll show you each of the 5 healthy aging forces found within each glass…

But when it comes to the most important organ in your body…

Your brain craves this
Brain Berry

The closest thing Dr. Micozzi has ever found to being a bona fide, stand alone “super food” might seem ordinary to those living in New England or America’s upper mid-west.

But with the incredible research pouring out of laboratories, one thing is clear—blueberries should now be called “brain berries.”

And one of the reasons why they’re proving to have such a bold effect on brain health is clear—

Their antioxidant potency is literally off the charts.

Antioxidants eliminate free radicals (the biggest single source of cellular aging) from your body.

And when the USDA conducted the most thorough antioxidant mapping in history—blueberries stood out so far—it looks like they made a mistake.

But the science checks out—when pitted against 23 other fruits, 23 vegetables, 16 different herbs and spices, 10 different nuts, and 4 dried fruits—

Blueberries tower over them all in total antioxidant capacity per serving.

In fact, the researchers behind these studies have seen so much overwhelming evidence—it’s changing their entire outlook on aging…

“People are told once you’re old—
there’s nothing you can do…

That might not be true anymore”
­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Dr. Barbara Shukitt-Hale
Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University

When researchers fed mice the human equivalent of a half cup of blueberries a day—truly remarkable brain results immediately sprang to life.  

Compared to a control group—they whizzed through their memory and learning tests…

Even when pitted against other high-potency antioxidant extracts—these mice outperformed every other group in neuromotor function—balance, steadiness, and concentration.

Suddenly, these mice, who were nearly 2-years-old, the equivalent of a 70-year-old human—were acing memory tests and balancing on narrow, accelerating rods like they were stars in the circus!

These are natural parts of aging that up until this moment—researchers weren’t sure could be reversed.

And this research immediately stood out to Dr. Micozzi because studies show that the ability to walk quickly and well-balanced in older age is…

“The single best predictor of
health and longevity”
~ Marc S. Micozzi, M.D., Ph.D.

These are the kinds of vital brain markers doctors love to see—a healthy memory and increased neuromotor function skills.

And that’s still not all…

Not only have blueberries been shown to improve verbal learning and memory in the elderly after just 12 weeks—but emerging experimental science suggests they…

Help secure a LONG and healthy life 

Researchers discovered fruit flies live 10% longer and experience improved levels of physical activity on a diet with blueberry extract.

Roundworms lived 28% longer—and experienced a far greater tolerance of stress in their environment.

I know, fruit flies and roundworms!? But these are well-known, time-tested, standard scientific models—and when an average fruit fly’s lifespan is 40 days—10% is a huge deal!

Would you turn down potentially more years of healthy living?

That’s why each glorious glass of Dr. Micozzi’s new formula has 400mg of Non-GMO blueberry fruit powder.

With heart health, blood sugar, and even healthy weight control all being helped by blueberry’s nutritional power…

It’s the closest Dr. Micozzi has ever been tempted to call something a “super” food. But when you combine it with FOUR other youth-promoting extracts

  • You will feel a surge of vitalitywith every single glass.
  • A mind and body resurgencewith every last sip.
  • And another step closer to aging gracefully—every time you sit down to enjoy it.


A heart so healthy it will put  you
and your cardiologist at ease

When it comes to heart health, everyone over 50 is concerned.  

You want to feel strong while pushing the lawnmower up your backyard on a late July “scorcher...”

Confident while sweating it out on the treadmill…

And happy to hoist up your grandchild…who’s getting a little too big to carry—all without a second thought.

And a big part of that confidence is supporting your heart.

So Dr. Micozzi’s CoreForce BioBlend is specifically designed to fill you with confidence for good. And it does so with…

The RED & White Heart Heroes
no one should be without

In Dr. Micozzi’s opinion—the human heart should be able to tick a lot longer than modern cardiology gives it credit for.

Yes, it needs maintenance. But I’m not talking about 7-days-a-week of heart-racing exercise…

Or an endless parade of pills used to only treat symptoms…

No—when it comes to the most important muscle in your body, Dr. Micozzi has two life-giving recommendations for everyone.

The first is a nutritional FORCE unto itself—a pure white fruit with a surprising citrus flavor that’s been called…

The fruit from the

And it’s easy to see why they call it that. This ancient fruit contains…

SIX TIMES the amount of vitamin C as a single orange…

TWICE as much calcium as milk…

And ALL of the B vitamins, magnesium, phosphorous, and antioxidants one could ever need…

Africa’s Baobab Tree produces the most nutritionally-dense fruit on the planet.

That’s why baobab helps provide unparalleled cardiovascular health in every dose. So you can…

∙ Help maintain healthy arteries

∙ Promote healthy cholesterol counts

∙ MAXIMIZE your exercise routines by protecting against exercise-induced oxidation

As well as helping to maintain healthy blood pressure and weight!

But Baobab doesn’t stop there. This nutritional powerhouse with antioxidants protects and supports…

· Soft, Supple & smooth skin

· A HEALTHY immune system that will never let you down

· A VITAL liver to help rid our body of toxins—

And all you have to do is reach for one
GLORIOUS GLASS to feel a rush of vitality—
and so much more…

Dr. Micozzi packed 1,000 mg of Non-GMO pure baobab fruit powder into every dose of CoreForce BioBlend.

You don’t have to travel to Africa to feel it for yourself. You don’t have to track down a specialty grocery or health food store to find it.

Dr. Micozzi has done it for you and gives you a superior dose with every glass.

All 5 natural forces found in CoreForce BioBlend help to support your heart health and more…

But I want to show you how one in particular helps prevent…

The one “health warning” you never want to see—

The next star ingredient in CoreForce BioBlend is popular in teas, jams, and juices..

Like baobab and blueberry fruit powder (and every force in this revolutionary formula), it’s packed with polyphenols and antioxidants and so much more.

It’s been used for centuries to promote healthy digestion and smooth-feeling joints.

But there’s one health benefit to this beautiful fruit most people don’t know.

Rose hips could be a natural way to maintain a slim stomach.
In one animal study, rosehip extract promoted healthy weight and body fat accumulation in mice—without any changes in their diets or the number of calories they consumed.
But the latest study involved 32 people who were divided into two groups. One group was given 100 mg of rosehip extract daily for 12 weeks, and the other group received a placebo.4

All of the participants were asked to maintain their regular diets and lifestyle patterns.

Indeed, throughout the study, the researchers observed that both groups had almost identical food-intake rates.

But at the end of the study, the researchers observed that total abdominal fat, visceral fat (fat around the internal organs), body weight, and body mass index (BMI) all decreased significantly in the rosehip group.

Even though they ate just as much as the placebo group.

That’s the kind of safe, natural power
Dr. Micozzi looks for—and why it’s
a MUST-HAVE in CoreForce BioBlend!

You’ll get 1,000 mg of Non-GMO Rose hips fruit powder in each dose.

By now I’m sure you can see why we might need a whole new category for what Dr. Micozzi has created.

And I’m not even done telling you everything CoreForce BioBlend can support.

Next on the list is one of Dr. Micozzi’s favorite nutritional ingredients…

It’s called, aspal (more commonly known as rooibos or red bush tea).

Dr. Micozzi wouldn’t make a healthy-aging drink without it.

This nutrient has been a “secret weapon” for the Kalahari Bushmen of South Africa for centuries.

It reportedly helps them to stay hydrated in one of the most brutal environments on Earth…

So what can it do for you?

Aspal has been shown in studies to improve energy and support proper glucose metabolism.

It has no caffeine, it has no side effects, but packs…

you could ever need

Dr. Micozzi first personally witnessed its POWER at the University of Idaho. He vividly remembers, after giving aspal to college athletes, the rapid improvements it produced in athletic performance.

And while some dietary supplements can take quite a while to feel the effects, college coaches observed aspal’s results were shockingly fast.

By supporting cellular metabolism—aspal naturally stokes the furnace of every cell, which means…

· The stress of a 9-5 job just seems easier to overcome…

· You can zip through your chores and wrap up your errands in record-setting time, and…

· Have MORE energy left in the tank to spend time with the people you love

And just like every other powerhouse in Dr. Micozzi’s CoreForce BioBlend—

There’s SO much more to every sip…

Aspal has been shown to help…

Support your cardiovascular health with two potent polyphenol antioxidants. They work to scavenge free radicals throughout your body and promote a healthy heart and vascular system and…

Secure STELLAR blood sugar levels. Aspal can help muscles absorb glucose and promote pancreatic function for healthy insulin levels.

Now if you’re thinking—how could all of this nutrition possibly taste good—well Dr. Micozzi was well out in front of that question because…

Even the natural sweetener
is good for you!

It’s referred to as the “LONGEVITY FRUIT.”

There has been a rush to find the perfect sugar substitute, so far, without success.  But the Chinese have been keeping one secret for centuries.

Luckily, Dr. Micozzi has been tracking it for years and was quick to use its deliciously sweet flavor for CoreForce BioBlend…

Called Luo Han Guo, it’s a cousin to the simple cucumber. Once dried, this fruit can be used as a potent sweetener that’s also rich in antioxidants.

And a little bit goes a long way—in fact, Luo Han Guo has been reported to be 300 times sweeter than sugar.

But Dr. Micozzi has blended a perfect 300 mg of this Longevity Fruit into every dose of CoreForce BioBlend so you get the healthy benefits along with the delicious flavor. Creating the perfect  combination of sweet and refreshing.

Just think…

You could wipe your countertop clean of
every other “anti-aging” pseudo- solution…

Saving you time, effort, AND money.

Imagine—you won’t have to listen to some “natural know-it-all” drone on and on about their latest so-called “super food” find…

You won’t have to pace up and down your local natural market looking for the next “exotic vegetable…” or “super food” of the season.

You won’t have to find a recipe that can make that very same “super food” into something you can actually eat, or serve to others.

And you won’t have to reach deep into your wallet trying to pay for all of these powerful extracts individually (if you could even find them).

Dr. Micozzi has assembled for you…

The 5 most potent, scientifically-backed
Healthy-aging FORCES in history

Just take a look at the complete Non-GMO blend:—

The BRAINBERRY power of whole, American sourced blueberry extract…

The TREE OF LIFE potency of the nutritionally-dense baobab fruit…

The NUTRITIONAL GOLDMINE hidden inside every dose of rose hips

The CELLULAR FUEL secret of aspal (rooibos red bush tea extract)

And the healthiest sugar substitute known to man, THE LONGEVITY FRUIT

Your brain, heart, memory, metabolism, energy and MORE—can all be supported and served by these 5 FORCES FOR HEALTHY AGING.

Because those so-called “super foods” being hyped in every magazine and website you read are so expensive…

It was crucial to Dr. Micozzi that we make this formula extra special to really drive home a point…

All of this anti-aging power doesn’t have to shrink your bank account!

Dr. Micozzi set out to accomplish what had been impossible—AND HE DID IT! The most powerful forces in nature are all together in one place!  

CoreForce BioBlend gives you more protection, MORE ENERGY, more healthy-aging force all in ONE GLORIOUS GLASS.

Now you can live worry-free.

You can keep your memory, keep your wits, keep your strength, and have all the energy you need to show it all off.

All in one delicious, refreshing drink you’ll never mind sipping.

But if for any reason you’re not satisfied with your purchase of CoreForce BioBlend, I want you to know…

Dr. Micozzi gives you the

If you don’t absolutely love the taste…

If you don’t feel the rush of vitality after your first glass…

If you don’t keep coming back for more and more…

You can call our dedicated and friendly customer service representatives for a 100% refund (less shipping). No questions asked.

So what are you waiting for?
Experience the Healthy-Aging FORCE
found in every glass of CoreForce BioBlend

Dr. Micozzi has been on a mission to prove what a superfood should REALLY feel like.

And the only way to do it was to combine 5 of the most powerfully potent forces in nature..

It was perhaps his greatest challenge, but the perseverance paid off. CoreForce BioBlend feels better than he could have ever imagined.

So clear off the countertop of all those other “anti-aging” formulas.

Put your worries to rest because your heart, brain, vision, joints, metabolism  and MORE are supported. And...

Sit back, relax and enjoy an ice-cold glass of Dr. Micozzi’s most delicious breakthrough ever—

Order your supply of CoreForce today.

Cheers to the glorious glass proving what a real superfood should feel like,

Samantha Kelly
Vice President, Smart Science Nutritionals

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Ingredients Baobab, Rose Hips, Blueberry, Lo Han Guo, Rooibos
Health Concern Energy, Healthy Aging, Rooibos

• Keep out of reach of children 
• For optimal storage conditions, store in a cool, dry place (59°-77°F/15°-25°C) (35-65% relative humidity). Tamper resistant package, do not use if outer seal is missing. 
• Consumers are cautioned to read all labels and follow all directions. You should always consult with your physician before using this or any such products.